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For events or large orders, we find it easier (and cheaper for you) to work to an agreed package price (it will always be cheaper than individually priced items), so please do contact us for a chat and a no obligatory quote!




Assorted dinner plates (approx 21-24cm)    40p
Assorted side plates / tea plates  (approx 17cm)    30p
Assorted desert bowls (glass)    30p
Tea cup and saucer    £1.00
Decorative china sugar bowls (with tongs)    50p
Glass sugar bowls    50p
Teapots (various shapes and sizes)    £3.50
Coffee pots (various shapes and sizes)    £3.50
Small china milk jugs    50p
Small glass milk jugs    50p
Large china platter dishes    £1.20
Large glass platter dishes    £1.20
China butter dishes    25p
Glass butter dishes    25p
China sandwich / cake plate    £1.00
Various small glass bowls (approx 6cm diameter)    25p
Various medium glass bowls (approx 14cm)     50p
Various medium glass bowls (over 14cm)     75p
Small glass salt / pepper dishes    25p

Cake Stands 

Cake plates     £1.00
China cake stand (1 tier)    £2.00
China cake stand (2 tier)    £3.00
China cake stand (3 tier)    £4.00
Glass cake stand (1 tier)    £1.50
Glass cake stand (2 tier)    £2.50
White wrought iron cake stand (2 tier)    £2.00
Large white wrought iron cake stand (3 tier)    £3.50


‘Saucer style’ champagne glasses   75p

Assortment of wine glasses of all shapes and sizes    30p

Tumblers: 10p

Small glass water jugs    25p

Large glass water jugs    50p
Large water decanters (country garden style)    50p

Assorted glass jars tied with ribbon – colour of your choice    20p
Vintage style sweet shop jars    50p
Various crystal and cut glass wine and port decanters    £3.50
Very elaborate, decorative claret jugs (glass and silver)    £5.00
Assorted china vases    50p
Small glass vases    50p
Medium glass vases    75p
Large glass vases    £1.00

Stemmed Bon Bon Dishes (perfect filled with sweets, jams, petals etc)

Decorative    75p
Crystal and pressed glass    £1.00
Crystal and pressed glass jars     £1.00


Antique brass candelabras (single arm)    £1.50
Antique brass candelabras (three arm)    £3.00
Glass candelabras (single arm)    £1.00
Glass fairy light holders (modern style)    10p


Vintage lace table cloths    £5.00
Assorted vintage table over-lays / table dressers/ runners/ fabric doillies    50p
Assortment of vintage napkins (ivory, white, cream, dusky pink, patterened)  40p per napkin. Discount for bulk orders available – POA


Knives, forks, tea spoons, desert spoons   20p per item
Preserve spoons    25p
Sugar tongs    50p
Cake slices    75p


Small white flower girl basket (perfect for petals)    £1.00
Hamper wicker basket    £1.00
Assorted baskets for breads, scones, cakes and various other items    50p

Miscellaneous Props

Large green wrought iron birdcage (makes a very pretty flower display or a quirky wedding gift/ card holder)    £4.00
Medium size cream birdcages (set of 8)  £2 each or £12 for 8
Vintage tan leather suitcase    £1.00
Old fashioned sewing machine   £3
Various gilt mirrors    £2 – £5 (depending on size)
Various gilt picture frames )  £1
Shabby Chic style Blackboards (inclusive of signage writing if required)  £1
Old Fashioned weighing scales   £4
Small old fashioned weighing scales  £2
Large bronze wrought iron heart shaped message holder (or a unique table plan) with ribbon colour of choice    £3.00
Small bronze wrought iron heart shaped message holders (a lovely way to for display poems, photos, personal messages) with ribbon colour of choice    £2.00
Selection of vintage games (including ball in a cup, skittles, skipping rope) presented in a basket with a picnic blanket    £7.50 for 5 games
Faux pearl strands (ideal for draping round candelabra’s/ table decoration)    £2.50 (covers x 10 tables)


Handwritten table plan design service    POA (approx £15.00)
Card table numbers or names design service    POA (approx £10.00)
Place name tags/ cards    POA (approx £20 for 50 guests)
Hand painted ‘Cream teas served here’ sign personilised to your theme    £10.00

We offer event set up / styling / wash up / clear down service also – please contact us for a quote. Prices start from £30

Entertainment Services

Professional RCF 310A tops with sub bass unit outputting 1500 watts of constant sound (including lighting rig and microphone). Beautiful sounding speakers for live music and DJ which are ample for large indoor spaces and medium outdoor spaces. (All equipment PAT tested). To deliver, set up and collect    £150 (plus petrol expense POA)

DJ Hire. We play from CDs which have been uploaded onto computer (not mp3’s) and vinyl (any genre catered for or your own playlists).    £40ph

Radio microphone for speeches (standard mic included in PA hire)    £20

Delivery Options

All prices based on a week’s hire, collected and returned to Prim and Proper Vintage  
Delivery of items and collection (over a 7 day period but can be flexible)    POA

On the day – delivery of items, assistance setting up and clear down service    POA (based on £7 per hour))

Washing Items

Please add on 15% of total hire cost if you require washing up / laundry service for items                      

If you wish to return the items already washed please note they must be handwashed rather than put in dishwasher due to the fragile nature of the pieces. Please use washing up liquid sparingly to avoid fading and place a tea towel at the bottom of the sink to avoid cracking.  


Unfortunately if items are lost or demaged we will have to charge a replacement fee of: 

Tea/side plate    £2.00
Tea cup and/or saucer and all other china items excluding teapots    £5.00
Teapots/coffee pots    £10.00
Glass items excluding cake stands    £3.50
Cake stands (1 tier)    £15.00
Cake stands (2 or 3 tier)    £25.00
Lace tablecloths    £15.00
Napkins    £2.00
Wine and port decanters    £20.00
Claret jugs    £25.00
Cutlery    50p